1. Commercial Annalie Wilson 1:13
  2. Documentary/E-learning Annalie Wilson 1:27
  3. Poem/Commercial Annalie Wilson 1:03
  4. Come Over Tonight - Original Song Annalie Wilson/Luna Bec 4:00
  5. Radio Drama Annalie Wilson 2:58
  6. Mahamudra/You're Sweet - Spoken Word Annalie Wilson and Alex Van Gils 5:09
  7. MBOL Show - Intro Jingle Annalie Wilson/Luna Bec 0:22
  8. ACCA Student Podcast - Interviewer and host Annalie Wilson 27:54
  9. Public Sector Governance - Technical/E-learning Annalie Wilson 12:52
  10. Over - Original Song Annalie Wilson/Luna Bec 3:57
  11. Medication - Backing Vocals Annalie Wilson/New Build 2:51

Annalie is an actor, singer, songwriter and music producer with her own home studio. She has worked extensively as a voice over artist especially in finance and business as well as hosting a successful interview podcast series for trainee accountants. As a singer she has released several albums and multiple singles, recently under the artist name Luna Bec. Her vocal sound includes laying vocal harmonies, a skill she also uses for jingles. She has recorded backing vocals for independent and established artists, and composed original music for podcasts, films and corporate videos. For more on audio and video production, visit Snow Lion Media.