“Coming Home is an epic ballad that draws the listener in on a deep, human level. The bagpipe taps into something primal and melts into a dreamy Celtic-inspired soundscape; the silky vocals hit straight to the heart.”

“Absolutely wonderful”

Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland

The main elements of the song were recorded shortly before the first lockdown in 2020. During the pandemic so many of us were forced to be apart from our loved ones. The notion of “home” changed for many people. For some it was their only sanctuary – for others it was like a prison.  For Annalie the song became especially poignant since she sadly lost her beloved friend and housemate during the November lockdown. Grief resembles unrequited love in its longing for someone who cannot be reached. There are so many different kinds of love.

The song’s production is itself an exploration of Annalie’s Scottish and Irish ancestry – it starts and ends with a 20 second Uilleann pipe solo and has wooden flute throughout. Thus “Coming Home” is also a song about roots – a theme that will be developed further in upcoming releases. In keeping with this, it is Annalie’s first release under her original name after performing and releasing as Luna Bec for the past 2 years.

Following its release on May 21, “Coming Home” made its radio debut on BBC Radio Leeds alongside an interview with Gayle Lofthouse on her primetime afternoon show. It was then featured on Bruce MacGregor’s Travelling Folk show on BBC Radio Scotland.

About Annalie  

Deep, iconic, medicinal: Annalie brings fierce love to her songs of human vulnerability and social awakening. A multi-instrumentalist, her music is influenced by her eclectic journey through jazz, funk, folk, electronica, Georgian folksong and Brazilian forró. Actor and activist, singer and songwriter, musician, producer and poet, Annalie is both introvert and extrovert; at home on a festival stage or lost in the wilds of nature.


“Coming Home” Lyric Video

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