1. Coming Home 5:29
  2. Everyday Magic Luna Bec 4:09
  3. Chauncey’s Theme Annalie Wilson 3:26
  4. Depths (Instrumental Version) Luna Bec 4:13
  5. Norwegian Skies Annalie Wilson 3:43
  6. Theme from Il Lento Annalie Wilson 2:18
  7. On O’Connell Bridge Annalie Wilson 2:59
  8. Come Over Tonight Luna Bec 4:00
  9. Nightshift Annalie Wilson 3:08
  10. Debt (Instrumental Version) Luna Bec 4:36
  11. Towers Annalie Wilson 4:47


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Sound Design & Jingles

  1. Theme from Industries of the Future Annalie Wilson 5:02
  2. Music Business On Lock Intro Jingle Luna Bec 0:22
  3. Lullaby for Liam Annalie Wilson 3:11
  4. Theme from Rethinking Risk Annalie Wilson 6:22
  5. Dragonfly Annalie Wilson 3:25


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Annalie’s composing career began at the age of 15, when she wrote and recorded the original score to the Italian art film Il Lento, a 30 minute short that was critically acclaimed at the Venice Film Festival the same year.

As a teenager Annalie was captivated by classic composers Shostakovich and Debussy, at the same time being influenced by contemporary film composers John Barry, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Angelo Badalamenti and Yann Tiersen, often spending hours at the piano working out their epic scores.

Aside from the rich world of classical and contemporary music, Annalie has been influenced by traditional folk music, both from her own Celtic roots, and through her later love affair with the songs of Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains. This has led her to a propensity for richly layered backing vocals in her own songs.

As a singer-songwriter Annalie has won several awards including the Leeds Bright Young Things award in 2001 and Rock The House in 2014 as Best Solo Artist. She currently performs and produces songs under the alias Luna Bec. Her music video for Breath screened at Noirfest: A Tour of Black New York in March 2023.


Podcasts & Videos  

  Music Business On Lock – Intro Music, Sound Design & Podcast Production



Industries of the Future – Theme Music, Sound Design & Podcast Production


Rethinking Risk – Corporate Video & Music Production


Future of Work – Podcast & Music Production


Breath – Music & Video Production

Rethinking Risk – Podcast Series Music & Production