Praise for The Cold Blows:

“I’ve listened to Annalie’s career for years now, I’m a huge fan of her gorgeous voice and her clever, emotional lyrics. But ‘The Cold Blows’ is definitely my favourite album for lots of reasons, but the main one is that it oozes quality.

The clarity of the recording is of such high quality. It makes such a difference. It feels and sounds like she’s hanging out with me as I’m chopping veg in my kitchen, she’s dancing with me in the lounge and walking next to me down the street! It really does feel like we’re hanging out and that to me is the biggest gift of this album. It’s personal. Intimate. It’s relevant, actually, that’s what it is. I can easily relate to her songs and stories and they’re sung with such honesty and openness that you easily dive into the song.

I’d like to share my favourite songs from this album. The music of ‘Come Over Tonight’ grabs you right from the start. There’s a really exciting energy to it, it fills you with anticipation. I’m not really sure why but I always feel that there’s a double meaning to this song. Maybe it’s because of all the political madness that’s been going on but this song feels to me like a call to action, calling all of us to stand up and be present, no matter who we are. Every time I listen to it I feel ready for battle!

‘Woodpecker’ is my absolute favourite. It’s catchy, it’s full of punky attitude (“I love you but it’s none of your damn business anyway” is a beauty of a lyric!) and it’s full of little surprises in the words and the music. I love it!

‘You Broke My Heart’ is a song that punches me in the gut. I think this the song that shows Annalie’s massive strength as a musical storyteller. Her ability to blend such raw and gutsy stories with such clever melodies is in my opinion her uniqueness.

As an independent thirty something year old woman that likes to have my brain surprised and stimulated, I like to listen to music that gives me unexpected lyrics and a tune that takes me on a journey. Annalie gives me this in abundance. An honest and gorgeous album.”

Bethan Marlow, playwright and multi-platform storyteller, Miami FL