Annalie’s career as a musician began when she was just 12 years old and was asked to play the harp at a birthday party. Aged 15 she began playing the piano in the foyer of her local theatre, The West Yorkshire Playhouse. Aged 18 she began playing and singing in hotels, bars and restaurants as she funded her way through her training at one of London’s top drama schools.

Annalie’s soulful voice and sensitive delivery lend themselves perfectly to memorial services. She has spent 12 years practising and teaching meditation as part of a Buddhist community, and is very skilled at deep listening into the needs of the client, to make sure she can deliver exactly what is needed for the ceremony.

With a repertoire of over 300 songs from pop, folk, jazz, rock, musical theatre she has played at weddings, parties, funerals and events all over the UK and Europe. As a singer and songwriter she has won several awards including the Leeds Bright Young Things Award and Rock The House as Best Solo Artist in 2014 for her original songs.

Instruments: Voice + piano, guitar, harp

Location: London-based, willing to travel!

My Grief Journey

In 2016 I lost my father quite suddenly whilst I was out of the country, visiting America, managing a difficult relationship that subsequently ended. 

Losing a parent is always going to be hard but it was made more painful by the circumstances and because as the last of five daughters from two marriages, I lost him relatively young. Over was the song that I wrote following that experience.

The loss of my dad was still quite fresh when Covid hit. I was living in a Buddhist community house with two good friends and felt very lucky for the family atmosphere we had created. Then one day during the November lockdown, tragedy struck. My dear housemate Alex died suddenly in his sleep and for a long time after we had no idea why. We were stuck in the house, trying to make sense of it. The shock of his death left me with severe post-traumatic stress.

Over time, I recovered, and was able to embark on the grieving process. Everyday Magic is the song that I wrote as a tribute to our friendship and the way that we lived together.

The experiences I have had were deeply challenging for my mental and physical health, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. However they have also given me a deep connection to others who are grieving. I feel able to hold a great deal of sadness and pain whilst maintaining a sense of peace. Through my songs I can then help to build an atmosphere that is both tender and uplifting.

How does it work?

Contact me first for an initial consultation. We can discuss your loved one and the ceremony you are creating in order to remember them. I have a large repertoire of songs that I already know, including originals, which may well include something that is right for you. If not, I am happy to learn something new. I can also create a bespoke original song based on your memories. 

Here are some examples of songs by others that I have performed.


Here is an in-depth description of what it’s like working with me, by Tony Ross-Gower, who booked me to play at the memorial for his friend I played at in August 2022.

“Annalie, (aka Luna Bec) recently performed at the memorial for ‘our Mo’ an extraordinary woman who died at the start of the pandemic due to underlying health conditions related to Covid. She was 78. 

Annalie and I had never met, she was recommended by a friend who was aware of her growing reputation. She was immediately accommodating. When I explained that the singer who had been booked many months earlier could no longer fulfil her commitment Annalie responded positively, I felt assured from the outset. 

Prior to the memorial she researched and rehearsed three specific songs that were special to ‘Our Mo’. She made sure, as a good professional should, she would do them justice.

Just before the gathering a national train strike was announced on the very day of our event. Annalie ensured she had a contingency and was fully flexible about the arrangements to ensure she was there. I could not have been more steadfast about the importance of her turning up so, at a moments notice, to assuage my anxiety she put her personal life to one side and travelled up the night before. This gave me great comfort for which I remain thankful.

Annalie arrived on time (of course) and began her final preparations. I left her largely to it although she wanted to know more about the person, ‘ Mo’ she had never met. She interacted with the environment in order to ‘ground’ herself and carefully observed ‘the room’ she was performing to. 

Then she opened the ceremony with a deeply moving version of ‘both sides now’, by Joni Mitchell, Mo’s favourite singer. By listening to the platitudes and eulogies about ‘Mo’ which followed, Annalie created a gentle alliance with her audience as well as an even better understanding of her subject material,’Our Mo’.

Her next song at the mid-point of the memorial was an especially moving rendition of the iconic ’Big yellow taxi’, to perfection. What a tribute to both women. The memorial was closed with a soulful performance of ‘Alleluia’ by Leonard Cohen. A hard act to follow. However, Annalie did this with aplomb, all the while able to rise above the distractions of impatient dogs, and people who couldn’t keep their thoughts inside, talking and moving around. She was professional throughout and the appreciation was shown in abundance.

Fo me, she was a godsend. Though I’m not a religious person, I felt my prayers had been answered and my friend and ‘Mother figure’ would have been proud.
Thank you Annalie.x”